From the African Streets

What does your African city/town look like?

You have narrative power: As a photographer and artist you play a role in building the narrative surrounding your city, country and continent.

If you would like to share photographs that shift the narrative of your African city/town, submit your work.

African photographers above the age of 18 are encouraged to contribute:

3-5 Images that speak to their individual journey in their home country while factoring in their interpretation of the theme “See my city”. They can be a serious or individual images.

The Images should support SDG 9: industry, innovation and infrastructure, and answer some of these questions:

  • Are you experiencing or seeing any changes around you that show how your city is developing (this could be construction related)?

  • How have the circumstances of the people around changed?

  • What does your city now look like?

  • What does infrastructure (and its development) mean to you as an artist?

  • How does everyday in your home country showcase how people in your city are innovating and building infrastructure (SDG 9) (this can be positive or negative)

(Deadline: on a rolling basis. Contribute should you wish to be considered for any of the editions)

So, friend, what does your city/town look like?