City Life: Resilience — a group photography exhibition

— a group photography exhibition in Harare

If you could only share one photograph of your city what would it show: the busyness of everyday life or the still quiet moments before the morning rush?

Both show a reliance we sometimes don’t notice.

We would like to invite you to City Life: Resilience

— a group photography exhibition which through work from African photographers showcases moments captured in their cities.

With some of the photographers being drawn to the busyness and others being more interested in the quiet moments of their city, each visual storyteller has contributed their own unique take of their city.

City Life: Resiliance

18:00 CAT at Pikicha Gallery, Helensvale Shopping Centre in Harare, Zimbabwe.

We look forward to having you join us for an evening of celebrating the photographers and the stories they have to share through their photography.