Call for Contributors: From the African Streets Volume 2

What makes your city visibly vibrant?

If you were to capture your city in colour, what story would each photograph share?

If you would like to share photographs that shift the narrative of your African city/town, submit your work to From the African streets

From the African Streets seeks to explore your city. This is a publication by Unpublished with the aim of sharing and shaping the African narrative through the invaluable work of the African photographer.

Contribution Guidelines:

African photographers above the age of 18 are encouraged to contribute:

3-5 Images that celebrate their culture and city factoring in their interpretation of the theme “Visibly Vibrant. They can be a serious or individual images.

3-5 Images of fruit carts, and (curio) markets.

The photographs submitted should answer the following questions:

  • What positive things do you associate with your city?

  • What would you miss most about your city if you had to leave?

  • What can the you find at the (curio) market and what do the fruit carts have in season?

  • What does your city now look like?

  • How does everyday in your home country showcase that Africa is visibly vibrant?

(Deadline: 3 November 2023)

Link to submit:

So, friend, what makes your city/town visibly vibrant?

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